What we do
Project development and project control of real estate are our core competency in the area of ​​built or undeveloped land. This applies to building land development as well as the construction of commercial and residential buildings or the renovation or revitalization of existing buildings.
Our aim is to use our expertise and our wealth of ideas to identify all the potentials of a property and to develop and realize them with the best possible use of all possibilities.
This is how we create tailor-made value-added properties.
What we are looking for
We are constantly looking for new challenges and locations with future prospects.
We are also interested in locations where difficult, very complex initial situations (lack of planning security and project perspectives, contamination of contaminated sites) need to be solved in order to create the necessary conditions for realizing new sustainable utilization concepts e.g. industrial buildings, industrial estates, industrial estates.
Of corse, we also enjoy unproblematic projects.